Blessed Community Church

Welcome Home To Blessed Community Church

Perhaps . . .

. . . you are just beginning a search for more meaning in your life-an alternative to despair or hopelessness.
. . . you have been wounded by the church or the false prophets of society.
. . . you are looking for a church experience that goes a little deeper into the Word.
. . . you need a supportive community around you.
. . . you’re not sure what you’re looking for – you just know you’re looking.

Wherever you are on your journey, we’re ready to walk with you!

What To Expect

Wondering what you can expect when you attend our services? First of all, our people are welcoming, engaging, and supportive. Our services have three major segments. First, we participate in music and singing, then we share a message of hope from the Bible and invite you to join in on discussing what the message means to you: we call it the interactive message. We then pray aloud and silently, and close with more singing.
Our services are casual and emphasize engagement with the Word and each other. It’s not a test – it’s an opportunity to explore and develop a relationships with Jesus within a supportive community.
If you’d like to connect with someone on our team, then please fill out the “Let’s Get Connected” form below, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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